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Of Witch Hazel and Wood Frogs

Here at CLEAR I don’t think anyone would claim to be a naturalist, at least of any skill or repute.  But that doesn’t prevent our collective and individual enjoyment of the natural world, including the signal events that mark the turning of the seasons. For me (forgive me, crocus fans), there are really three signature […]

This winter will end…right?

“Hope and the future for me are not in lawns and cultivated fields, not in towns and cities, but in the impervious and quaking swamps. When, formerly, I have analyzed my partiality for some farm which I had contemplated purchasing, I have frequently found that I was attracted solely by a few square rods of […]

Crackerjack Cartography: Mapping Our National Pastime

The first of April means the start of something magical to many, and I’m not just talking wood frogs and practical jokes. It’s Opening Day, the start of baseball season in America. A day when our nation’s pastime and my personal pastime collide. I love baseball and I love maps. This time of year, I […]

Seven Signs of Spring in Connecticut

Forget meteorological winter or astronomical winter. When does spring really come to Connecticut and how do we know? We all have our favorites – not walking the dog with a flashlight in the morning, red-winged blackbirds calling, piles of snow are melted, snow drops in bloom… As a New England transplant from the mid-Atlantic, the […]